New Mac-E Owner saying Hi!

Huntsville, AL
What I Drive
2023 Mustang Mach-E GT
Greetings all! My wife and I are the brand new owners of a 2023 Mustang Mach-E GT in carbonized gray metallic.
We were disappointed when they discontinued the orange for 2023 since that brought back memories of some of the 'Tang's that were in the club I was in back in the 60s. :)
(I owned a '64 286 convertible with a 4 on the floor; British racing green)

We were excited during Covid when we saw that Ford was going to introduce an E-pony!!! We had decided long ago that our next car was going to be an EV. It just made good sense for the environment not to mention our back pockets! Then we started reading about user experiences with the new 2021 pony...hmmmmm, that not so good :(

From what we read, Ford really stepped up and improved the 2022 and from what we have been told, the 2023 line has been improved as well. I still wish they got better EV mileage, on the other hand we've got an EV with 18 more HP than a Shelby 500, so I guess I better shut up about the EV mileage:cool:

I still think battery technology is fixing to make a huge leap, so instead of outright purchase, we got a three-year lease and we will probably purchase a 2027 (I'm assuming the average EV will get around 5-600 miles to the charge by then) I'd certainly be interested in the forms thoughts on this.

Any tips or tricks that experienced owners can pass on to us newbies with certainly be appreciated!

MachE GT.jpeg